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Who here has problem skin?  You know what we’re talking about.  Those dark circles that show themselves during the worst moments, and wrinkles that appear seemingly out of nowhere when you’re stressed.  While stress plays a big role in how we look and feel, there are things we can do to make the skin looks its best, even when we’re stressed or tired.  One thing that we’ve seen success with lately has been Hydra Claire Cream.  This advanced wrinkle cream is capable of getting great results in a matter of weeks, not months.  In our review, we’ll cover everything from the ingredients in the formula, to the ways in which it can help get you results.  Let’s get started!

Wait! Alright, we had a nice and tidy first paragraph up there, but we forgot to say that if you’re busy, if you’re impatient, or if you’re just not in the mood to read our review of Hydra Claire Cream, you can skip all that work and head straight to the trial page.   In fact, it might give you a better chance of claiming a bottle if you’re able to get there in time.  Supplies run out regularly, from our understanding.  So getting there early might be the way to do it.  Click the button if you want to get started on your Hydra Claire Cream trial, otherwise keep reading to learn more!

How Does Hydra Claire Cream Work?

When we talk about the skin, we have to make it simple.  It’s such a complex organ (yes, it’s an organ) that breaking it down too far can make it impossible to talk about.   So we’re going to put it in simple (not belittling) terms to make things easier to understand.  Hydra Claire Cream is focused on two key areas; first, keeping moisture in and, second, making sure it has the moisture needed to flourish. 

Skincare companies always talk about moisture, water loss, or other wetness-themed issues.  Why?  Because it’s so crucial to your skin.  When we lose moisture (which we do, constantly) the skin essentially deflates.  Think of it as a balloon with a sheet over it.  When the balloon deflates, the sheet mimics the shape of the balloon underneath.  But when the underlying structure is properly filled with moisture, the skin on the surface appears smooth (or at least less wrinkled). 

Hydra Claire Cream – The Ingredients

So how does Hydra Claire Anti-Wrinkle Cream accomplish the goal of keeping the skin looking good on the surface?  Three words; collagen and peptides.  There’s something about this combination that stands the test of time—and for the skin—reverses it.  Let’s look at how they work individually.

Peptides – Most formulas use a single type of peptide to help lock moisture into the skin.  But with Hydra Claire Cream, they’re using a complex blend of peptides that achieve this goal even better.  The enhanced peptide blend locks in moisture, which helps to get your skin looking great on the surface.  Did we mention it helps improve the feel and smoothness of your skin?  Because it does that, too.

Collagen – Do you like your skin?  Then you should really like collagen.  Collagen is huge for keeping your skin healthy and functioning at a high level.  The fact that it makes up 70% of your skin structure might have something to do with that.  By using collagen topically, you’re getting nice benefits in skin health, function and aesthetic appearance.

Why Buy Hydra Claire Cream

There are other creams on the market, obviously.  So why buy Hydra Claire Wrinkle Cream over another cream?  We like to think of it this way.  There are a thousand different creams out there, and they’re all competing to do one thing.  Get you to buy them.  They don’t really care if they work, they just want you to buy into the hype.  If you throw it straight in the trash after you buy it, they’re just as happy as if you used it completely.  But that’s where other companies and Hydra Claire go their separate ways.  Hydra Claire not only wants you to use their cream, they’re willing to let you try it first to make sure you’re happy with it before you buy it.  They’re calling it the Hydra Claire Cream trial.  Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

The Hydra Claire Cream Trial Program

Have you ever found a product online, wanted to buy it, then backed out at the last second because you wanted to try it first?  We know we have.  It’s hard buying things online, especially things that are as hit and miss as skincare products.  That’s one reason that Hydra Claire is using a new trial program for its customers.  With this new program, users get to experience the full beauty of HydraClaire Cream before they pay for a bottle.  Interested in learning more about the trial?  Click the banner to get started. Remember to read the full trial details and write down the customer service numbers when you order.

Hydra Claire Review

Frequently Asked Questions

If we know our readers, then we know they have a lot of questions about Hydra Claire.  For good reason, too.  It’s a newer company, a brand new product, and there isn’t a lot of concrete information out there about the product.  That’s why we’ve assembled this FAQ to help get some info out there.  Keep in mind, we’re not the company, so we can’t help with a lot of things. 

Is Hydra Claire Cream Safe?

According to the company, the cream is safe for all skin types.  We always advise that people trying a new cream like Hydra Claire use it away from the face or neck.  That’s because if you have an allergic reaction, it will be less likely to cause serious issues.  We don’t think you will, but you never know.  If you’re the nervous type, check with your doctor before you use Hydra Claire.

Is the trial a scam? 

Here’s what we know.  You pay shipping for a 14 day trial that STARTS when you order.  That’s something that confuses a lot of people that don’t read the fine print.  It’s not when you get it, it’s when you order.  Additionally, you need to contact support if you want to cancel.  Otherwise they’ll keep shipping you a bottle monthly.  That’s why it’s important to write down the contact info just in case you need to cancel.

How should I use Hydra Claire Cream?

Hydra Claire Cream is one of the easier products to use.  We’ve seen a ton of creams that require a special applicator coated in some novel metal.  But this one you can just apply with your finger.  If you want to prolong the life of the cream, avoid contamination by using a q-tip or applicator. 

Here’s the recommended steps;

  1. Collect a pea-sized amount of cream on your applicator
  2. Apply to problem areas on the face and neck
  3. Lightly rub in circular motions until the cream is spread evenly
  4. Allow a few moments for the cream to absorb
  5. Remove any excess.